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Our company's mission

Our company was founded on the basis of 10 years of personal experience gained as energy auditors of management staff in response to the growing trend and interest in the use of renewable sources for power production. Thanks to the spread of technology, it is becoming cheaper to produce and more easily available. In addition, the political climate is favorable for these investments, as Poles can benefit from subsidies for the construction of a photovoltaic installation. This means that the costs associated with equipping the house with the entire installation are recovered after just a few years of use.

If you are looking for a trusted partner who will help you become independent from electricity price increases, contact FREE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY Sp. z o.o.

Our projects

We believe that a good professional is left with order and a smile on the face of a satisfied customer. See what remains after our projects.

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Installation subsidies

Now green energy is easier than ever. See what conditions must be met to obtain a subsidy for a photovoltaic installation.


Dodano: 17/02/2021 panele fotowoltaiczne

Spotkania w sprawie współpracy gospodarczej odbyły się również w Ambasadzie Kuwejtu w Warszawie oraz Ambasadzie Maroko.

Safi: Nie mogę się doczekać pogłębienia relacji między irackimi i polskimi firmami na różnych…

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Dodano: 04/09/2020 Panele fotowoltaiczne

New website

Are you looking for a reliable compendium of knowledge about news from the photovoltaic industry?…

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