agregaty prądotwórcze na regaleEach of us has encountered a situation where there was no electricity in our home and all electrical devices, so necessary for everyday functioning, became useless. A power outage has many causes - sometimes it is a service necessity, and sometimes high-voltage lines are damaged (mainly due to some kind of natural disaster). While living in a city, we can be sure that the failure will be removed quickly, while living somewhere further in less populated areas, the break may take longer, which is quite a problem. The remedy may be to have your own generator.

As the name suggests, it is a device that is designed to generate electricity. Our company has extensive experience in this field, and thanks to our excellent knowledge of the market, we have started cooperation with one of the best producers of power generators on the market. We not only help in choosing the best solution, but also support the customer through after-sales service. Throughout the warranty period, the customer can count on our help, and in the event of any problems with the device, we will undertake the task of dialogue with the manufacturer. All this so that our client can be absolutely sure about the quality of the device he chooses. Our offer includes devices powered by various types of fuel, in particular:

  • 50 Hz gasoline generators,
  • diesel generator sets (oil-powered)
  • tractor generator sets.

We cordially encourage you to use our help in choosing the best solution that will be fully tailored to your needs.


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