Clean Air Program - co-financing the replacement of heat sources

Mężczyzna oddychający czystym powietrzemThe Clean Air Program consists in co-financing the replacement of heat sources in households with more ecological devices that do not increase air pollution and the entire environment. Its aim is to gradually eliminate old and ineffective heating devices that use solid fuels and generate a lot of exhaust gas. They are to be replaced by modern, ecological, clean heat sources, such as our heat pumps.


Who can benefit from the program?

The Clean Air Program is nationwide. It can be used by owners and co-owners of single-family houses. Under the program, you can get grants for:

  • replacement of old and environmentally harmful heat sources with new, ecological ones;
  • carrying out thermal modernization works on the building.

The FREE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY company offers assistance in completing the appropriate applications and obtaining funding. We know how many problems can be caused by completing the formalities, which is why we remain at the full disposal of our clients. We try to clarify all doubts and ambiguities so as to lead to a satisfactory ending.


małe drzewko trzymane w ręceWhy is it worth using the Clean Air program?

Furnaces and boilers using solid fuels emit harmful substances into the atmosphere, which results in the formation of smog. This toxic phenomenon is at the root of many diseases, including cancer and a weak immune system. State institutions joined the campaign to make Poles aware of air quality by launching the Clean Air program. FREE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY would like to join the action. We are aware that air quality depends on all of us. By replacing old heating devices with new, ecological ones, we have an impact on our and our family's health - now and in the future. Our mission is to popularize knowledge about modern, ecological solutions and their dissemination. We believe that by providing our customers with high-quality heat pumps and photovoltaic installations, we contribute to the improvement of the condition of the natural environment.