Renewable energy sources

pracownik sprawdza fotowoltaikeRenewable energy sources are our specialty - we are a well-coordinated team of professionals who help customers to become independent of the increase in costs for the use of electricity. Having your own power source, on the one hand, translates into a sense of security, on the other hand, it is an important part of the household budget. The negative impact of industrial activities on the ecosystem and the consequent growing ecological awareness made us look for new directions of development. One of them is obtaining energy from renewable sources.


Energy drawn from the sun

Do you want to invest in energy derived from the sun? We offer a full range of services, thanks to which a photovoltaic installation tailored to your needs will be created. We help in obtaining the best materials and funding, we install all the necessary system components, and we conduct PV diagnostics. Photovoltaics is completely safe for the environment and available all year round thanks to energy storage with the use of battery sets. In the case of companies, we conduct energy audits, on the basis of which we can propose solutions reducing heat losses and related costs.

Energy-saving heat sources

We offer energy-saving heat sources that use energy from air, water or land to heat the household. They do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere, do not require boiler room construction and are characterized by a long service life. Of course, we are talking about heat pumps, which have enjoyed unflagging popularity for years. It is worth remembering that there are many forms of funding them, e.g. the government's Clean Air program.

Green energy and much more

Green energy is the main area of ​​our activity, but we decided to extend our offer with other solutions as well. We offer industrial lighting, as well as smart home systems that allow you to manage heating using a smartphone and an application. Smart Home technology is extremely easy to use and increases the comfort of life.