PV diagnostics and control

We carry out diagnostics and PV control, through which our clients keep the smooth operation of photovoltaic installations. Early detection of minor faults will prevent serious and therefore costly breakdowns. Photovoltaic systems are characterized by high reliability, but it is worth checking them regularly to make sure that all components are working as they should.
We offer the following services:

  • evaluation of the efficiency of individual elements of the photovoltaic installation,
  • preparation of a written report summarizing the technical condition of photovoltaics.

We carry out diagnostic work on the basis of modern technologies and devices. We encourage you to read the details below.


Diagnostyka i kontrola PV


dwóch pracownikach w kamizelkach i kaskach ochronnych


Drones with thermal imaging cameras

Broken photovoltaic cells are characterized by elevated temperatures, which is why we use drones with thermal imaging cameras when inspecting photovoltaic installations. With their help, we can quickly detect a possible fault. Thermovision is one of the simplest and most accurate ways to detect faults in the operation of photovoltaic panels. Increased temperature within the photovoltaic cell is called a hot spot and this is the point we are looking for with the help of drones. They appear on the camera as very bright spots, usually yellow in color. The use of drones has a number of advantages - it reduces the time of diagnosis and ensures the safety of our employees, as it excludes the need to carry out work at heights.