Panele fotowoltaiczne na dachu domuPhotovoltaic installations are one of the innovative ways of converting solar energy into electricity. This method of producing electricity is in no way harmful to the environment - quite the contrary. Since the dawn of history, mankind has sought to obtain energy sources that will not require any engagement after launch (papa mobile). Obtaining energy from the sun is one of the closest compromises to this vision.


How does photovoltaics work?


The principle of operation of photovoltaic cells is quite simple - solar energy is to be converted into electricity. To initiate this process, a photon striking a silicon wafer knocks an electron out of its position. The use of appropriate p-n connectors makes it possible to use the energy generated in this process and converts it into electricity. The fact that photovoltaic panels produce a constant current is noteworthy. Hence, their pioneering roots go back to the automotive industry. Photovoltaics is one of the cleanest ways of producing electricity.


After what time will it pay for itself?


Depending on how large a photovoltaic installation we need and what type of heating we have installed on our property, we will count the return on investment for as long. Thanks to the significant popularization of solar panel technology, both those for roof mounting and those mounted on the ground, their price has fallen and assuming the average power consumption, it can be estimated that photovoltaics will bring us a real return within 5 to 10 years. It is also worth noting that regardless of the situation on the energy market, we can feel safe in terms of prices.
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