What are the threats of poor-quality photovoltaics?

Photovoltaic panels are increasingly used in many Polish homes. The photovoltaic process is based on obtaining electricity from the sun. It is one of the technologies thanks to which we can use solar energy. It occurs thanks to the conversion of solar radiation into electric current, i.e. direct current. Then it goes to an inverter, which converts it into alternating current that can be used to power the house, for example. Any surpluses go to the network and can be used later.

Poor quality photovoltaics

It is very important to choose good quality solar panels. They should withstand at least 25 years of operation, while remaining fully functional. The construction, material of the panels and the quality of their workmanship are crucial. Due to the fact that they are installed outside, they are exposed to the influence of external conditions. In addition, there is the electrical and thermal stress that arises inside. What should you pay attention to? First of all, whether they have a number of appropriate certificates (including confirming their mechanical and thermal strength and resistance to other factors, for example chemical).

What disadvantages can poor quality panels have?

In the case of photovoltaic solutions, a very attractive price should give us food for thought. Photovoltaics are to serve for many years, so quality is key. Poor quality panels may have the following disadvantages:

  • scratches on the glass (poor quality panels may get scratched already at the transport stage. This will result in a breach of the anti-reflective coating, which will lead to air, dust and water passing inside),
  • poor quality of cables and connectors (may weaken the electrical connection in the connectors),
  • fading barcodes (poor quality code may fade during the use of the panel. This will prevent the complaint, because the code must be presented to the manufacturer)
  • debris inside the solar panel (generated during the manufacturing process or ingress of impurities if the panels are leaky. This may lead to heating up or even ignition of the module).

Photovoltaics is a great solution if we think about saving on electricity in the long term. However, in order for this solution to be profitable and, above all, safe, special attention should be paid to the quality of panels and certificates.